Monday 17 October 2011

Two factor authentication from Google

It may well be that I'm late to the party (again!), but over the weekend I was looking at the two factor authentication that Google have made available for all accounts.

Anyone that's done any remote working is probably familiar with RSA Tokens where you have a key ring that gives you a unique number every 60 seconds to use to log in. Using the Google Authenticator app on your Android device (other device manufacturers are available, I'm told), you get the same functionality.

The setup of two-factor authentication is actually pretty simple - first set it up to work via your mobile phone, then re-login and add your device. If your device is also your mobile phone, you'll want to change the phone number used as a secondary authentication device - mine is switched to Mrs Potes's phone.

Once this is done, your account will be expired from all of the connections you had to it (Google Talk, Chrome Sync, Android device, etc.), and as those things ask you to reconnect, you just have to log in to, click on the Authorizing Applications & Sites link, and generate a new password that will then be the password for that application only.

Simple :-)

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